A Journey Collected


“A Journey Collected” is a photography book that captures the rural and exhilarating landscape of Alberta, Canada.

The project is recorded solely on 35mm color negative film it sheds light on the unobserved and forgotten landscapes that surrounds us every day.


A Journey Collected, Fall 2017:

There is a place that exists that is unconnected from the world. It is free of distractions, routine and the importance of time. We are granted with opportunities to authentically connect to tother through everyday community. Our phones are laid aside due to the lack of wi-fi. Sparking new conversations and friendships as the present is the only thing we are able to see. Days begin to pass by quickly, yet they feel like years of memories created. Exploring new destinations brings a rush of excitement with the earth revealing itself at every turn the bus makes. The sun sets in the west preparing for a new day ahead. You tend to find yourself in sync to its rhythm as you sleep under a canopy of stars.


Technical Information: 400 ASA 35mm Fuji Color Negative Film, printed as a 8"x8" Seamless bound book