Home, Fall 2017:

Each person has a specific place that they call home. Being unique to them and the memories that it holds both good and bad, together they create a community. Home can be a physical place or building, being surrounded with your family and friends, or even traditions that remind you of what once was. Regardless of our definition of home we are surrounded by a community. Our friends and family along with the environment that surrounds us creates our identity and the community we find comfort in. We find comfort in the ordinary and familiar as it connects our memory to those we had when we were younger.

For many people living in Savannah, this place and city is their home. For them it is all they have ever known and will never depart from their roots they have established. The city of Savannah is different as every city is, yet the amount of tourist attraction it receives is astounding. People from all over the country and surrounding states seek out Savannah as a tourist attraction. As they focus all their time and energy on the downtown, they do not recognize the hidden moments of beauty that are to be discovered.

When one ventures outside the city, there is much more than we initially realize. The environment that surrounds the city is equally important to the downtown culture that Savannah has created. Taking the time to stop and notice how the neighborhoods and places collide together they present to tell a different story of history, if we are willing to listen.


Technical Information: 4x5 Kodak Porta 400, Digital C-Print 16"x16"