Hidden Moments

Hidden Moments, Winter 2017:

As we travel to and from places we are surrounded by history. Often while driving every now and then there are objects that grab our attention, but are quickly too be erased from our minds as we continue down the highway. We are often too busy, and consumed by various tasks that we never take the time necessary to truly explore and reflect.

Instead of quickly passing by abandoned structures, houses, signs, etc. that are alongside the road what if we intentionally took the time to really experience our surroundings. By pausing and taking time out of our day to truly reflect upon what we encounter daily, it has the power to change our thinking allowing us to appreciate the history that has come before us.

Through the use of black and white and disregarding color for this particular project it allows the viewer to solely focus in on the details of the structure itself. From the foundation, materials, texture to the landscape that surrounds it. These all evoke certain emotions and feelings that are relevant to encompass the history and abandonment that they share together.


Technical Information: 35mm Illford 400, 8"x10" Silver Gelatin Prints