Weekend Away

Weekend Away, Spring 2016:

“There’s an incredible amount to see, and it saddens me to know that I couldn’t ever possibly see all of this earth’s beauty before my time is up.” 

- Sam Ciurdar

I have always loved the outdoors because I have grown up camping as long as I can remember. There are so many naturally beautiful places on this earth that we sometimes forget they are even there. As a photographer I have a desire to explore deeper and find the hidden gems that are a part of where we live. The quote above fuels that desire and dream that I want to accomplish. A group of friends and I traveled to North Carolina for a camping weekend to get away from the city and distractions for an adventurous weekend before we all departed for the summer. My overall goal was to capture the essence of adventure and exploration that follows camping.

In our world today we are constantly surrounded by various activities that there is rarely any free time to simply relax. Typically, we are either too busy with our hectic schedules, or distracted by multiple forms of media. Through this series of photographs, I wanted to not only share my experiences and capture the essence of camping. But to also remind others that occasionally we need to get away from all the “noise” and gather together around the campfire with our closest friends and get lost just talking until the early hours of the morning.


Technical Information: Digital Capture, Inkjet Print 8"x10"